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July 22, 2014

mzahery committed r3666 in OpenMx at 23:30:
passing tests are removed from models/failing
  • FitMultigroup.R (deleted: r3631)
  • TwinAnalysis_Multivariate_Matrix_Raw.R (deleted: r3267)
  • UselessConstraint.R (deleted: r3446)
  • nonlinearDefinitionTest.R (deleted: r3267)
mzahery committed r3665 in OpenMx at 16:56:
Previously failing tests are moved into passing

July 21, 2014

mhunter committed r3664 in OpenMx at 10:30:
Update summary test to use new saturated model helper correctly b/c it now returns a list of the sat and ind models.
in /trunk/models/passing: SummaryCheck.R (modified, previous: r3622)
jpritikin committed r3663 in OpenMx at 06:12:
[IFA] Fix bug in computing Hessian with equality constraints

July 19, 2014

mzahery committed r3662 in OpenMx at 12:35:
CSOLNP: out of bound starting values issue solved. Mode added

July 18, 2014

mhunter committed r3661 in OpenMx at 21:30:
Revision to saturated model helper that allows multigroup and saturated models
in /trunk/R: MxSaturatedModel.R (modified, previous: r3536)
jpritikin committed r3660 in OpenMx at 11:18:
ComputeReportDeriv should not warn when no gradient is available
in /trunk/src: Compute.cpp (modified, previous: r3659)
jpritikin committed r3659 in OpenMx at 11:18:
ComputeHessianQuality should not SEGV when no Hessian is available
in /trunk/src: Compute.cpp (modified, previous: r3658)
jpritikin committed r3658 in OpenMx at 11:18:
Add fix and test for mxFitFunctionR Hessian
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3657 in OpenMx at 11:18:
Avoid overwriting the fit if FF_COMPUTE_FIT was not requested
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