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April 11, 2014

jpritikin committed r3322 in OpenMx at 14:15:
Update failing test to check for correct answers
in /trunk/models/failing: SimpleConstraint.R (modified, previous: r3315)
mzahery committed r3321 in OpenMx at 12:28:
Problem with mxConstraint.Rd solved
in /trunk/src: subnp.cpp (modified, previous: r3258)
hmaes committed r3320 in OpenMx at 12:16:
changes to doc files
in /trunk/docs/source: Introduction.rst (modified, previous: r1161)
hmaes committed r3319 in OpenMx at 12:15:
changes to doc files
hmaes committed r3318 in OpenMx at 12:15:
changes to doc files
sboker committed r3317 in OpenMx at 11:04:
Manual page updates to change @ to $
tbrick committed r3316 in OpenMx at 11:02:
Changed more @s to .
jpritikin committed r3315 in OpenMx at 09:45:
Add failing test for CSOLNP
mhunter committed r3314 in OpenMx at 02:09:
Expectation-Fit revision to multigroup User's Guide pages.

April 10, 2014

jpritikin committed r3313 in OpenMx at 05:57:
Temporarily remove failing test from our torture list
in /trunk/inst/tools: testModels.R (modified, previous: r3237)
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