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October 10, 2014

jpritikin committed r3874 in OpenMx at 09:20:
Doc some arguments

October 8, 2014

tbates committed r3873 in OpenMx at 17:43:
removing unneeded roxygen code which errantly documented tr
in /trunk/R: MxAlgebraFunctions.R (modified, previous: r3236)
tbates committed r3872 in OpenMx at 17:39:
adding missing Rd file for trace
in /trunk/man: tr.Rd (added)
jpritikin committed r3871 in OpenMx at 14:51:
mxFitFunctionMultigroup: Fix error for unmatched submodel; add test
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3870 in OpenMx at 14:51:
omxQuotes should do something sensible when passed nothing
in /trunk/R: MxModelDisplay.R (modified, previous: r3702)
jpritikin committed r3869 in OpenMx at 14:51:
Permit models with no matrices (to avoid masking other errors)
in /trunk/R: MxModelFunctions.R (modified, previous: r3762)
tbates committed r3868 in OpenMx at 11:34:
remove broken link to mxCompute
in /trunk/man: mxStandardizeRAMpaths.Rd (modified, previous: r3772)
tbates committed r3867 in OpenMx at 11:27:
switch from omxDetectCores to detectCores to fix broken link in Rd. should deprecate omx
in /trunk/man: mxOption.Rd (modified, previous: r3770)
tbates committed r3866 in OpenMx at 10:16:
fit@information --> fit$information
in /trunk/models/enormous: ifa-3pl-se.R (modified, previous: r3791)

October 7, 2014

jpritikin committed r3865 in OpenMx at 11:23:
Bring changelog up to date
in /trunk: CHANGES (modified, previous: r3824)
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