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November 4, 2014

rkirkpatrick committed r3968 in OpenMx at 11:36:
Repair now-piecewise UnivariateTwinAnalysis_MatrixRaw.R .
in /trunk/demo: UnivariateTwinAnalysis_MatrixRaw.R (modified, previous: r3961)
rkirkpatrick committed r3967 in OpenMx at 11:05:
Repair now-piecewise TwoFactorModel_MatrixCov.R.
in /trunk/demo: TwoFactorModel_MatrixCov.R (modified, previous: r3961)
rkirkpatrick committed r3966 in OpenMx at 10:59:
Repair now-piecewise RowObjectiveFIMLBivariateSaturated.R.
in /trunk/demo: RowObjectiveFIMLBivariateSaturated.R (modified, previous: r3961)
jpritikin committed r3965 in OpenMx at 09:05:
Add test for mxLog
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3964 in OpenMx at 08:43:
Stop with error message if mxLog fails
in /trunk/src: omxState.cpp (modified, previous: r3897)
hmaes committed r3963 in OpenMx at 01:26:
fixed some errors

November 3, 2014

jpritikin committed r3962 in OpenMx at 22:51:
Import .DollarNames from utils
in /trunk: NAMESPACE (modified, previous: r3959)
hmaes committed r3961 in OpenMx at 16:48:
changes to demo files
hmaes committed r3960 in OpenMx at 16:44:
changes to doc files
jpritikin committed r3959 in OpenMx at 13:12:
Rename GetSlotDisplayNames to avoid explicit export in NAMESPACE
in /trunk:
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