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August 18, 2014

mneale committed r3764 in OpenMx at 16:39:
Fixed documentation for reading checkpoint file via read.table
in /trunk/man: mxRestore.Rd (modified, previous: r3356)
jpritikin committed r3763 in OpenMx at 07:25:
Run roxygen prior to building docs
in /trunk: Makefile (modified, previous: r3760)
jpritikin committed r3762 in OpenMx at 07:24:
Permit BA81 mean & variance specified with algebras
jpritikin committed r3761 in OpenMx at 07:23:
Rename omxSaturatedModel to mxNullModels per dev discussion
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3760 in OpenMx at 07:23:
Fixup doc build
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3759 in OpenMx at 07:23:
Incorporate doc feedback from Tim Brick
in /trunk/docs/source: ItemFactorAnalysis.rst (modified, previous: r3681)
jpritikin committed r3758 in OpenMx at 07:23:
Check whether we recover the parameters
in /trunk/models/nightly: ifa-drm-wide.R (modified, previous: r3712)
jpritikin committed r3757 in OpenMx at 07:23:
Improve error messages
in /trunk/src: matrix.cpp (modified, previous: r3728)

August 16, 2014

jpritikin committed r3756 in OpenMx at 01:09:
Remove deadcode
in /trunk/src: omxFIMLSingleIteration.cpp (modified, previous: r3752)
jpritikin committed r3755 in OpenMx at 01:09:
Refuse to clear model slots by assignment to NULL and say why
in /trunk:
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