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April 9, 2014

jpritikin committed r3311 in OpenMx at 11:16:
Allow standard errors without Richardson extrapolation
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3310 in OpenMx at 11:16:
Increase default CSOLNP tolerance to 1e-9 to match default NPSOL tolerance
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3309 in OpenMx at 09:44:
R-2.14 does not have norm(...,"2")

April 8, 2014

jpritikin committed r3308 in OpenMx at 21:42:
Restore bootstrap tests
in /trunk:
mzahery committed r3307 in OpenMx at 18:28:
CSOLNP: gradient is returned
in /trunk/src: omxCsolnp.cpp (modified, previous: r3280)
jpritikin committed r3306 in OpenMx at 15:59:
Add failing optimizer test
jpritikin committed r3305 in OpenMx at 10:42:
Use --debugger-args, maybe helps on MacOS
in /trunk: Makefile (modified, previous: r3300)
jpritikin committed r3304 in OpenMx at 06:05:
Suppress gdb's new thread/thread exited messages
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3303 in OpenMx at 05:55:
Repair test: don't ask for unavailable derivs
in /trunk/models/nightly: ifa-latent-2d.R (modified, previous: r3291)
jpritikin committed r3302 in OpenMx at 05:55:
Relax tolerance for CSOLNP
in /trunk/models/nightly: ETC88.R (modified, previous: r3289)
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