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December 18, 2014

jpritikin committed r4120 in OpenMx at 14:41:
Add CIs to continuous time model
in /trunk/models/nightly: ContinuousTime.R (modified, previous: r3362)
jpritikin committed r4119 in OpenMx at 14:41:
Add some omxCheckCloseEnough
in /trunk/models/passing: ConfidenceIntervalsDefVar.R (modified, previous: r2394)
jpritikin committed r4118 in OpenMx at 14:40:
Deadcode removal
in /trunk/src: omxImportFrontendState.cpp (modified, previous: r4115)
jpritikin committed r4117 in OpenMx at 14:40:
Restore parallel processing for CIs
jpritikin committed r4116 in OpenMx at 14:40:
Add a checkpoint entry for each CI attempt
in /trunk/src: omxCsolnp.cpp (modified, previous: r4103)
jpritikin committed r4115 in OpenMx at 14:40:
Add "Checkpoint Fullpath" to override output destination
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r4114 in OpenMx at 14:40:
Make mxOption(model, val) return the global setting or the model's override
in /trunk/R: MxOptions.R (modified, previous: r4071)
jpritikin committed r4113 in OpenMx at 08:07:
Move to failing
mhunter committed r4112 in OpenMx at 00:29:
Add WLS standard error and chi-square functions

December 17, 2014

jpritikin committed r4111 in OpenMx at 23:51:
Consolidate starting value nudging logic in ComputeGD
in /trunk:
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