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April 15, 2014

tbates committed r3353 in OpenMx at 11:47:
Adding back manually built help files
tbates committed r3352 in OpenMx at 10:36:
Adding back manually built help files
in /trunk: man [directory] (modified, previous: r3351)

April 14, 2014

tbates committed r3351 in OpenMx at 20:57:
Deleting last .Rd file and added <svn propset svn:ignore "*.Rd" .>  to ignore Rd files in future
in /trunk/man: cvectorize.Rd (deleted: r3348)
tbates committed r3350 in OpenMx at 20:53:
Removing .Rd files (people think these shouldn't be repo'd as they can be built)
  • MxAlgebra-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • MxBounds-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • MxCI-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • MxConstraint-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • MxData-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • MxMatrix-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • MxModel-class.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • Named-entity.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • OpenMx.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • diag2vec.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • eigenvec.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxAlgebra.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxAlgebraObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxBounds.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxCI.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxCompare.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxConstraint.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxData.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxErrorPool.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxEval.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxExpectationLISREL.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxExpectationNormal.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxExpectationRAM.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxExpectationStateSpace.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxFIMLObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxFactor.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxFitFunctionAlgebra.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxFitFunctionML.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxFitFunctionR.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxFitFunctionRow.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxLISRELObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxMLObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxMatrix.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxModel.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxOption.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxPath.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxRAMObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxRObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxRename.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxRestore.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxRowObjective.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxRun.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxTypes.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • mxVersion.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • myFADataRaw.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxAllInt.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxApply.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxAssignFirstParameters.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxBrownie.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxCheckEquals.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxCheckIdentical.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxCheckSetEquals.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxCheckTrue.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxCheckWithinPercentError.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxGetParameters.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxGraphviz.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxLapply.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxLocateParameters.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxLogical.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxMatrixOperations.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxMnor.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxSapply.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxSelectRowsAndCols.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • omxSetParameters.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • rvectorize.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • summary-MxModel.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • twinData.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • vec2diag.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • vech.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • vech2full.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • vechs.Rd (deleted: r3348)
  • vechs2full.Rd (deleted: r3348)
tbates committed r3349 in OpenMx at 15:09:
use mxComputeSequence to compute output$hessian
in /trunk/R: MxCompute.R (modified, previous: r3347)
tbates committed r3348 in OpenMx at 14:41:
several Rd files now built with roxygen
in /trunk:
tbates committed r3347 in OpenMx at 14:40:
updating comments and examples to use $ rather than @ (and @@ where used in #' comments. Documents ?OpenMx in zzz.R

April 13, 2014

jpritikin committed r3346 in OpenMx at 19:24:
Handle omxRemoveRowsAndColumns for row-major order; add tests
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3345 in OpenMx at 18:15:
omxAliasMatrix, omxResetAliasedMatrix are essentially omxCopyMatrix
jpritikin committed r3344 in OpenMx at 18:15:
Prohibit omxResetAliasedMatrix on non-aliased matrices
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