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November 25, 2014

jpritikin committed r4028 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Refrain from evaluating MxMatrix in the front-end
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r4027 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Refactor computation of CFI, TLI, & RMSEA
in /trunk/R: MxSummary.R (modified, previous: r4026)
jpritikin committed r4026 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Remove confusing comments
in /trunk/R: MxSummary.R (modified, previous: r3999)
jpritikin committed r4025 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Move demos to nightly
in /trunk/inst/tools: testModels.R (modified, previous: r3998)
jpritikin committed r4024 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Prevent SEGV on ordinal columns with no thresholds
jpritikin committed r4023 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Ensure continuous all-NA column is not run through mxFactor
in /trunk/models/passing: JointFIMLTest.R (modified, previous: r3690)
jpritikin committed r4022 in OpenMx at 22:46:
Add comment about multinomial degrees of freedom
in /trunk/models/nightly: fm-example2-8.R (modified, previous: r4001)
jpritikin committed r4021 in OpenMx at 22:22:
Enable --force-biarch for Windows fat binaries & remove obsolete rules
in /trunk: Makefile (modified, previous: r3926)

November 23, 2014

tbates committed r4020 in OpenMx at 15:37:
update to use twinData instead of myTwinData (a duplicate file)
in /trunk/models/passing: univACEP.R (modified, previous: r3267)
tbates committed r4019 in OpenMx at 15:33:
update to use twinData instead of myTwinData (a duplicate file)
in /trunk/models/passing: univACE_drop_helper.R (modified, previous: r3267)
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