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January 27, 2015

rkirkpatrick committed r4184 in OpenMx at 16:35:
Inelegantly coded but working implementation of analytic GREML derivatives.
in /trunk:

January 26, 2015

jpritikin committed r4179 in OpenMx at 12:58:
Improve error message
in /trunk:

January 23, 2015

mhunter committed r4168 in OpenMx at 20:46:
Add ability to do means paths for LISREL type models.
in /trunk:
mhunter committed r4164 in OpenMx at 17:19:
Do not freak out.  It is just updating the copyright.
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January 22, 2015

rkirkpatrick committed r4162 in OpenMx at 12:26:
Improve Hessian inversion in mxStandardizeRAMpaths().
in /trunk/R: MxSummary.R (modified, previous: r4110)

January 20, 2015

jpritikin committed r4161 in OpenMx at 16:34:
Permit run-time toggling of protect depth diagnostics
in /trunk:
rkirkpatrick committed r4160 in OpenMx at 13:23:
Request GREML fixed effects via argument to expectation, not via compute plan, and move calculation of regression coefficients to the attribute-population step.
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January 16, 2015

jpritikin committed r4157 in OpenMx at 11:25:
Fix test for optimizer; additionally test for mxCondenseMatrixSlots default
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r4155 in OpenMx at 11:25:
Repair package dependencies
in /trunk:

January 13, 2015

jpritikin committed r4145 in OpenMx at 16:39:
Repair selection of default optimizer
in /trunk/R: MxOptions.R (modified, previous: r4132)
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