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May 10, 2014

tbates committed r3445 in OpenMx at 11:27:
minor error msg mod to suggest action if non-square matrix declared as cov: perhaps you meant type = 'raw' instead of 'cov'?
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May 8, 2014

jpritikin committed r3434 in OpenMx at 04:08:
Add test for handling of backend resized 1x1 matrices
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mhunter committed r3432 in OpenMx at 01:55:
Bug Fix: the backend resized 1x1 matrices to MxN when used in scalar/elementwise multiplication, but then did not resize them back in the frontend. Now the updateModelMatrices etc functions are smarter about this.
in /trunk/R: MxModelFunctions.R (modified, previous: r3384)

May 6, 2014

mhunter committed r3425 in OpenMx at 17:52:
Confidence Intervals now give the name of the parameter if they are from an MxMatrix instead of the MatrixName[row,col].  Confidence intervals on algebras still give AlgebraName[row,col].
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April 28, 2014

jpritikin committed r3384 in OpenMx at 08:09:
Improve diagnostics
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jpritikin committed r3380 in OpenMx at 08:09:
Coax summary to work with dynamic data
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April 11, 2014

jpritikin committed r3327 in OpenMx at 18:23:
Rename free.set to freeSet
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March 12, 2014

jpritikin committed r3136 in OpenMx at 10:46:
Add check for algebra dimnames
in /trunk/R: MxModelFunctions.R (modified, previous: r3124)

March 7, 2014

jpritikin committed r3124 in OpenMx at 15:02:
Fix various bugs in free.set variable groups
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January 23, 2014

mhunter committed r3057 in OpenMx at 23:42:
Update R file copyrights.  Somehow this got forgotten before.
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