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October 4, 2013

jpritikin committed r2936 in OpenMx at 15:15:
Rename PPML.Test.Test back to imxPPML.Test.Test
in /trunk/R: MxPPML.R (modified, previous: r2931)

October 3, 2013

jpritikin committed r2931 in OpenMx at 15:04:
Rename a few more PPML functions
jpritikin committed r2922 in OpenMx at 10:13:
Rename most PPML functions to keep them unexported

May 1, 2013

jpritikin committed r2482 in OpenMx at 17:13:
Quiet annoying PPML warning
in /trunk:

April 26, 2013

mhunter committed r2481 in OpenMx at 00:35:
Modifications to passing models and PPML to eliminate some but not all warnings.

March 13, 2013

dhackett committed r2414 in OpenMx at 19:10:
PPML Update: Largely rewritten PPML module with test permutor and new suite of test cases.  Functional with the exception of certain cases (optimized numerical solutions to models with data specified in covariance matrix plus means format).  Non-functional cases should be caught by the module's filter and allowed to run as normal.

Known Issues:
-Two of the test cases do not pass.  One of the failures is possibly due to issues with the conversion from Objectives to Fits/Expectations.
-Tests occasionally find questionable solutions, with very low (negative) Minus2LL values, lower than the minimum found by OpenMx.  Allowing the optimizer to try to improve on these questionable solutions throws an error (Expected covariance matrix is non-positive definite).
in /trunk:

November 24, 2012

mspiegel committed r2286 in OpenMx at 20:42:
Merging the FitExpectation branch into the trunk.
in /trunk:

September 17, 2012

mspiegel committed r2167 in OpenMx at 12:00:
Create 1.3 tag
in /tags: stable-1.3 [directory] (copied from )

August 28, 2012

mspiegel committed r2148 in OpenMx at 11:45:
Branching from trunk to FitExpectation at r2147

August 2, 2012

mspiegel committed r2123 in OpenMx at 09:44:
Mering dependency tracking into the trunk.
in /:
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