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March 22, 2014

jpritikin committed r3201 in OpenMx at 18:49:
Change paramInfo.type from integer to string
in /trunk:

March 19, 2014

jpritikin committed r3160 in OpenMx at 09:10:
Reparameterize lower & upper drm bounds in logits (copied from mirt)
in /trunk:

October 22, 2013

jpritikin committed r2961 in OpenMx at 12:52:
Sync with rpf 0.16
in /trunk/src: libifa-rpf.c (modified, previous: r2844)

August 16, 2013

jpritikin committed r2844 in OpenMx at 10:17:
Sync librpf
in /trunk:

August 11, 2013

jpritikin committed r2836 in OpenMx at 10:04:
Sync librpf
in /trunk/src: libifa-rpf.c (modified, previous: r2833)
jpritikin committed r2833 in OpenMx at 10:03:
Tweak Newton-Raphson

+ Increase damping faster
+ Always allow 1 restart regardless of current iteration number
+ Try harder to return better estimates
+ Improve debugging output
+ Restart on NaN gradient

August 4, 2013

jpritikin committed r2812 in OpenMx at 00:20:
Auto-tune Newton-Raphson
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r2810 in OpenMx at 00:20:
Flip sign of derivatives

August 1, 2013

jpritikin committed r2806 in OpenMx at 09:58:
Factor out density multiplication
in /trunk:

July 10, 2013

jpritikin committed r2712 in OpenMx at 03:31:
Fill in default upper & lower bounds
in /trunk:
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