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June 24, 2013

jpritikin committed r2617 in OpenMx at 06:27:
Free parameter groups
in /trunk:

June 22, 2013

jpritikin committed r2613 in OpenMx at 11:42:

June 20, 2013

jpritikin committed r2586 in OpenMx at 01:12:

June 18, 2013

jpritikin committed r2553 in OpenMx at 01:15:
Refrain from copying markMatrices to omxState children

June 13, 2013

jpritikin committed r2523 in OpenMx at 09:16:
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r2520 in OpenMx at 07:10:
Revert "MxFitFunctionMultigroup"

This reverts commit a5792f92f128d096f3bd4491d825ebf6e7f1aa1a.
in /trunk:

June 10, 2013

jpritikin committed r2499 in OpenMx at 04:59:
in /trunk:

June 9, 2013

jpritikin committed r2492 in OpenMx at 04:21:
Store matrixList as a std::vector

March 1, 2013

mhunter committed r2389 in OpenMx at 13:32:
Updated copyright to 2013 for R/ demo/ models/passing and src/ folders, and also the LICENSE file.
in /trunk:

September 17, 2012

mspiegel committed r2167 in OpenMx at 12:00:
Create 1.3 tag
in /tags: stable-1.3 [directory] (copied from )
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