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October 21, 2014

jpritikin committed r3929 in OpenMx at 08:31:
Add mxMakeNames & test
in /trunk:
jpritikin committed r3928 in OpenMx at 08:31:
Improve error message
in /trunk/src: omxExpectationBA81.cpp (modified, previous: r3927)
jpritikin committed r3927 in OpenMx at 08:31:
Sync with rpf
jpritikin committed r3926 in OpenMx at 08:31:
Quote INSTALLMAKEFLAGS to permit setting via environment variable
in /trunk: Makefile (modified, previous: r3920)
jpritikin committed r3925 in OpenMx at 07:37:
Avoid reporting failure when the test suite passes
in /trunk/inst/tools: testModels.R (modified, previous: r3921)

October 20, 2014

jpritikin committed r3923 in OpenMx at 20:03:
Move test to failing

October 19, 2014

jpritikin committed r3921 in OpenMx at 11:34:
'make test' should record errors optimizer-wise
in /trunk/inst/tools: testModels.R (modified, previous: r3919)
jpritikin committed r3920 in OpenMx at 11:34:
Don't INSTALLMAKEFLAGS=""; allow setting from the environment
in /trunk: Makefile (modified, previous: r3842)
jpritikin committed r3919 in OpenMx at 11:34:
Report 'make test' errors as they happen; I hate to wait
in /trunk/inst/tools: testModels.R (modified, previous: r3313)

October 17, 2014

jpritikin committed r3916 in OpenMx at 21:22:
Cope with zero length components in mxSimplify2Array
in /trunk/R: MxExpectationBA81.R (modified, previous: r3910)
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