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August 27, 2014

mhunter committed r3777 in OpenMx at 13:17:
Toggle silent= back to FALSE as preference for running Reference/Saturated models.
in /trunk/R: MxSaturatedModel.R (modified, previous: r3773)
mhunter committed r3776 in OpenMx at 13:03:
Add multilevel model example in state space form.  Data is grabbed from the web.
mhunter committed r3775 in OpenMx at 11:57:
Add Bollen data from sem package to OpenMx.
in /trunk:

August 20, 2014

mhunter committed r3771 in OpenMx at 17:28:
Fix 'unknown macro '\t'' warning I was getting from mxRestore man page
in /trunk/man: mxRestore.Rd (modified, previous: r3764)
mhunter committed r3769 in OpenMx at 15:13:
Document Number of Threads option.
in /trunk/man: mxOption.Rd (modified, previous: r3413)
mhunter committed r3768 in OpenMx at 15:00:
Modify .svnignore files.  WLS branch and trunk changes.  Added continuous only wls test.  Found and added state space algebra test.
in /:

August 19, 2014

mhunter committed r3767 in OpenMx at 17:14:
Include numObs in data for mxNullModels

August 18, 2014

mhunter committed r3766 in OpenMx at 22:11:
First draft of mxDataWLS
in /trunk:

August 15, 2014

mhunter committed r3752 in OpenMx at 11:10:
Fix state space in FIML joint.

August 11, 2014

mhunter committed r3750 in OpenMx at 12:54:
Remove some commented out code from Summary.
in /trunk/R: MxSummary.R (modified, previous: r3749)
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