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February 7, 2015

mhunter committed r4236 in OpenMx at 09:33:
Stop Roxygen from making Rd file for non-exported function
in /trunk/R: MxLISRELModel.R (modified, previous: r4220)

February 4, 2015

mhunter committed r4220 in OpenMx at 15:45:
Update copyright for R files
mhunter committed r4219 in OpenMx at 15:39:
Add Matrix package to Suggests
in /trunk: (modified, previous: r4141)
mhunter committed r4218 in OpenMx at 15:34:
Document argument for WLS data
in /trunk/man: mxData.Rd (modified, previous: r4213)
mhunter committed r4217 in OpenMx at 15:11:
Another typo found by cran check
in /trunk/R: MxLISRELModel.R (modified, previous: r4214)
mhunter committed r4216 in OpenMx at 14:53:
another full argument match
in /trunk/R: MxDataWLS.R (modified, previous: r4164)
mhunter committed r4215 in OpenMx at 14:51:
Use full argument name match instead of partial
in /trunk/R: cache.R (modified, previous: r3203)
mhunter committed r4214 in OpenMx at 14:48:
Correct typo in LISREL model
in /trunk/R: MxLISRELModel.R (modified, previous: r4212)
mhunter committed r4213 in OpenMx at 14:36:
mxData code/documentation sync
in /trunk/man: mxData.Rd (modified, previous: r4164)
mhunter committed r4212 in OpenMx at 14:34:
Progress on LISREL Paths
in /trunk:
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