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May 15, 2014

sboker committed r3456 in OpenMx at 13:10:
Corrected LL tolerances to be within .01% of MX values.  Now passes.
in /trunk/demo: BivariateSaturated.R (modified, previous: r3035)
sboker committed r3455 in OpenMx at 11:39:
Changed tolerances for omxCheckCloseEnough().  Was just missing .001 tolerance on variances.

April 11, 2014

sboker committed r3325 in OpenMx at 14:51:
Trying once again.  Lots of updates to the help files.
sboker committed r3317 in OpenMx at 11:04:
Manual page updates to change @ to $

June 21, 2013

sboker committed r2605 in OpenMx at 11:36:
Add state space help page

June 20, 2013

sboker committed r2597 in OpenMx at 11:48:
Modify help files to remove references to objective functions.
sboker committed r2596 in OpenMx at 10:42:
Add R help for mxExpecationLISREL and editing changes to a few other help files.
sboker committed r2593 in OpenMx at 09:21:
Added R help files for mxFitFunctionR and mxFitFunctionRow.  Deprecated mxRObjective and mxRowObjective R help files. Substituted spaces for tabs in all other help files in order to maintain consistent formatting.

June 19, 2013

sboker committed r2579 in OpenMx at 09:59:
Revise man pages for mxRAMObjective, mxRObjective, and mxExpectationNormal.  Add mxExpectationRAM man page.

June 18, 2013

sboker committed r2562 in OpenMx at 11:42:
Modify documentation for mxData, mxAlgebraObjective, and mxFitFunctionAlgebra
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