Changes in OpenMx


  • in summary(), renamed “parameter estimate” column to “Estimate” and renamed “error estimate” to “Std.Error”
  • tools/ will convert Mx 1.0 algebra expressions (Python PLY library is required)
  • added ‘dimnames’ argument to mxFIMLObjective() and mxMLObjective()

Release 0.1.5-851

  • improved error messages on unknown identifier in a model (beta tester issue)
  • fixed bug in mxMatrix() when values argument is matrix and byrow=TRUE
  • implemented square-bracket substitution for MxMatrix labels
  • fixed a bug in computation of omxFIMLObjective within an algebra when definition variables are used
  • significant alterations to back-end debugging flags
  • tweaked memory handling in back-end matrix copying
  • added support for x86_64 linux with gcc 4.2 and 4.3

Release 0.1.4-827

  • added checking and type coercion to arguments of mxPath() function (a beta tester alerted us to this)
  • moved matrices into submodels in UnivariateTwinAnalysis_MatrixRaw demo
  • added Beginners Guide to online documentation
  • mxRun() issues an error when the back-end reports a negative status code
  • named entities and free or fixed parameter names cannot be numeric values
  • constant literals are allowed inside mxAlgebra() statements, e.g. mxAlgebra(1 + 2 + 3)
  • constant literals can be of the form 1.234E+56 or 1.234e+56.
  • type checking added to mxMatrix arguments (prompted by a forum post)
  • mxPath() issues an error if any of the arguments are longer than the number of paths to be generated
  • data frames are now accepted at the back-end
  • FIML ordinal objective function is now working. Still a bit slow and inelegant, but working
  • FIML ordinal now accepts algebras and matrices. dimnames of columns must match data elements
  • implemented free parameter and fixed parameter substitution in mxAlgebra statements
  • implemented global variable substitution in mxAlgebra statements
  • turned off matrix and algebra substitution until a new proposal is decided
  • snow and snowfall are no longer required packages
  • added cycle detection to algebra expressions
  • mxEval() with compute = TRUE will assign dimnames to algebras
  • added dimnames checking of algebras in the front-end before optimization is called
  • added ‘make rproftest’ target to makefile

Release 0.1.3-776

  • mxEvaluate() was renamed to mxEval() after input from beta testers on the forums.
  • new function mxVersion that prints out the current version number (beta tester request).
  • When printing OpenMx objects, the @ sign is used where it is needed if you would want to print part of the object (beta tester request).
  • now supports PPC macs.
  • implemented AIC, BIC and RMSEA calculations.
  • mxMatrix documentation now talks about lower triangular matrices (beta tester request).
  • fixed bugs in a number of demo scripts.
  • added chi-square and p-value patch from beta tester Michael Scharkow.
  • added comments to demo scripts.
  • fixed a bug in the quadratic operator (a beta tester alerted us to this).
  • means vectors are now always 1xn matrices (beta tester request).
  • added an option “compute” to mxEval() to precompute matrix expressions without going to the optimizer.
  • Matrix algebra conformability is now tested in R at the beginning of each mxRun().
  • named entities (i.e. mxMatrices, mxAlgebras, etc.) can no longer have the same name as the label of a free parameter. (This seems obscure, but you will like what we do with it in the next version!)
  • can use options(mxByrow=TRUE) in the R global options if you always read your matrices in with the byrow=TRUE argument. Saves some typing. (beta tester request)
  • fixed the standard error estimates summary.
  • added mxVersion() function to return the version number (as a string).

Release 0.1.2-708

  • Added R help documentation for omxCheckCloseEnough(), omxCheckWithinPercentError(),

    omxCheckTrue(), omxCheckEquals(), and omxCheckSetEquals()

  • (mxMatrix) Fixed a bug in construction of symmetric matrixes.
    • now supports lower, standardized, and subdiagonal matrices.

Release 0.1 (August 3, 2009)

  • (mxEvaluate) mxEvaluate translates MxMatrix references, MxAlgebra references, MxObjectiveFunction references, and label references.

  • (mxOptions) added ‘reset’ argument to mxOptions()

  • (mxPath) renamed ‘start’ argument of mxPath() to ‘values’
    • renamed ‘name’ argument of mxPath() to ‘labels’
    • renamed ‘boundMin’ argument of mxPath() to ‘lbound’
    • renamed ‘boundMax’ argument of mxPath() to ‘ubound’
    • eliminated ‘ciLower’ argument of mxPath()
    • eliminated ‘ciUpper’ argument of mxPath()
    • eliminated ‘description’ argument of mxPath()
  • (dimnames) implemented dimnames(x) for MxMatrix objects
    • implemented dimnames(x) <- value for MxMatrix objects
    • implemented dimnames(x) for MxAlgebra objects
    • implemented dimnames(x) <- value for MxAlgebra objects
  • (mxMatrix) added ‘dimnames’ argument to mxMatrix()

  • (mxData) renamed ‘vector’ argument of mxData() to ‘means’

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