mxOption {OpenMx}R Documentation

Set or Clear an Optimizer Option


The function sets or clears an option that is specific to the optimizer in the back-end.


mxOption(model, key, value, reset = FALSE)


model An MxModel object
key The name of the option.
value The value of the option.
reset If TRUE then reset all options to their defaults.


Sets an option that is specific to the particular optimizer used in the back-end. The name of the option is the ‘key’ argument. Use value = NULL to remove an existing option. Before the model is submitted to the back-end, all keys and values are converted into strings using the as.character function. To reset all options to their default values, use reset = TRUE. If reset = TRUE, then 'key' and 'value' are ignored. Use getOption('mxOptimizerOptions') to see the default optimizer options.


Returns the model with the optimizer option either set or cleared.


The OpenMx User's guide can be found at


model <- mxModel()

model <- mxOption(model, "Function Precision", 1e-5)
model <- mxOption(model, "Hessian", "No")
model <- mxOption(model, "Function Precision", NULL)

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