Handle row of missing continuous data in joint FIML objective

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See http://openmx.psyc.virginia.edu/thread/1111


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This still causes an error.

Running ACE
Error: The job for model 'ACE' exited abnormally with the error message: MxComputeGradientDescent: fitfunction ACE.fitfunction evaluated to 1.#INF00 ()
In addition: Warning message:
In model 'ACE' Optimizer returned a non-zero status code 6. The model does not satisfy the first-order optimality conditions to the required accuracy, and no improved point for the merit function could be found during the final linesearch (Mx status RED)

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Should be closed now?
The error was just not telling people the starting values were infeasible?

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Perhaps a slight bug still. Bates is right that the starting values are infeasible. This is returned correctly now. However, with intervals=TRUE it currently returns the error

Error in runHelper(model, frontendStart, intervals, silent, suppressWarnings,  : 
  MxComputeConfidenceInterval: reference fit is not finite

because it tries to compute confidence intervals even though there's a status 10 and the base fit function value is INF/NaN.

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> However, with intervals=TRUE it currently returns the error

Should be fixed with 3e864c52

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