Thresholds are not in order

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I wrote a simple OpenMx script to do LCA on ordinal variables. It works fine on simulated data. When I run it on real data, the estimated thresholds are not in order. I then included constraints on the thresholds (simple enough to do) so that they are monotonically increasing. This seems to work as the threshold estimates monotonically increase. From reading the manual, I was sure constraints weren't necessary.


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I think this is fixed (I've not seen thresholds get out of order). Does anyone have a script that does let them get out of order (and therefore break, I guess).

We also throw an error if the user supplies out of order thresholds

 m1 = mxRun(m1);
Running ACE 
Error: In model 'ACE' the thresholds in column 'ORDER_T1' of matrix/algebra 'top.threshMat' 
are not in ascending order. 
The current order is:  
'0.502278707081169', '0.1427282567208', '0.796488486601088', '1.11374922033532', '1.36331347193658', '1.62096376811414', '1.79737850662286', '1.99263413447754', '2.16364965092772', '2.28036398908342', '2.3202473850114', '2.49991358917899', '2.61074800550596', '2.7676314242183', '2.7676314242183', '2.7676314242183', '2.93015621262521', '2.93015621262521', '3.25615885822543', and '3.25615885822543' and ascending order is:  '0.1427282567208', '0.502278707081169', '0.796488486601088', '1.11374922033532', '1.36331347193658', '1.62096376811414', '1.79737850662286', '1.99263413447754', '2.16364965092772', '2.28036398908342', '2.3202473850114', '2.49991358917899', '2.61074800550596', '2.7676314242183', '2.7676314242183', '2.7676314242183', '2.93015621262521', '2.93015621262521', '3.25615885822543', and '3.25615885822543' . Only the first 20 element(s) 

What we don't error on is adjacent thresholds which are identical: Seems to me this should be an error, as it makes it arbitrary which threshold a given latent score will lead too...

Perhaps set a minimum delta of + .0001 or something?

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Believed to be fixed.

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