Getting Involved

As of now, there is a small core team of developers. If you want to get involved, please post an inquiry at the OpenMx developers' section of the OpenSEM forum. If you are interested in building OpenMx from source, take a look at the OpenMx Compilation How-To Guide. We also have a some discussion about how we use GIT. The project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Easy projects for new developers

  • Jun 2016: I might as well gripe about the inconsistent capitalization of mxOptions - “Number of Threads” but “Default optimizer” etc. It’s easy enough to remember what an option is called, much less so to figure out the capitalization. It would be nice to let the user capitalize options however they like. It seems very snarky to say Default Optimizer is wrong way to say Default optimizer. I see no scenario where different selections based on different capitalization would occur in mxOption().
  • Jul 2016: Full information maximum likelihood could, in many cases, evaluate the likelihood using the sufficient statistic formula.

Projects Using OpenMx

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Software License

OpenMx is licensed under the liberal open source Apache License, Version 2.0.

For More Information

Software developers can find much more information about the OpenMx project at the OpenMx Developer Forums or looking at the About OpenMx page.