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If you are the maintainer of a software package that uses OpenMx, and you would like us to host a forum discussion folder for your software, please let us know. You can contact us via email or by posting a request on the forums.

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simsem and semTools


Our packages simsem ( and semTools ( currently include functions related to OpenMx. Could we add a folder for these packages?



simsem has been developed for facilitating simulation and analysis of data within the structural equation modeling (SEM) framework in R. This package aims to help analysts create simulated data from hypotheses or analytic results from obtained data.

The goal of semTools is to collect useful functions for structural equation modeling in a single, easily accessible place. All users of R and SEM are invited to send functions to us and we will maintain the functions.

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Could you please add a forum

Could you please add a forum discussion folder for metaSEM? Thanks.