Cannot run several examples with OpenMx 1.3.2

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Hi all,

I install the OpenMx for windows today. I found that I cannot run several example scripts:

The error messages are

Error in mxModel("bivSat6", mxMatrix(type = "Full", nrow = 2, ncol = 2, :
could not find function "mxFitFunctionML"

Error in mxModel("bivariate Heterogeneity Path Specification", mxModel("group1", :
could not find function "mxFitFunctionAlgebra"

Thank you in advance for any answers!


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which version?

You are running demos from the subversion repository. These may have changes tailored for the next release. Can you try to similar demos that are bundled with the release you installed?

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Problems solved

Thank you. The codes in the package work well!