Capability to offer a vector to value and free slots in MXMatrix objects

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This works

Chol    = mxMatrix(type="Full", 2,2, free=c(TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,TRUE), values=c(1,.2,0,1))

But this fails

It would be nice, given that we can create the free and values slots with vectors, if we could also update them iwth vectors, using the pre-existing nrow and ncol of the MxMatrix to do this:

vec2MatFormxMatrix <- function(oldMat, newVec) {
 newMat = matrix(data=newVec, nrow=nrow(oldMat), ncol=ncol(oldMat) )
	newVec = vec2MatFormxMatrix(Chol, newVec)

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This is a not a bug. You can

This is a not a bug. You can think of Chol@free and Chol@values as two variables. The only way to perform the kind of substitution you are suggesting is to overload the "<-" operator. And the "<-" operator can only be overloaded for S4 object types. Chol@free and Chol@values are not S4 objects, and we don't want to make them S4 object types because then they can't be used as argument to any function in R that expects plain matrices.