using mxRun (unsafe=TRUE) to skip error and continue loop?

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I'm running a simulation in which a model will be fit to the simulated data 1000 times by running a loop.

However, some simulated data will make the model return error, like below:
Error: The job for model 'myModel' exited abnormally with the error message: Objective function returned a value of NaN at iteration 52.23.

May I use the option unsafe=TRUE in mxRun to skip error and continue the loop?

Thank you.


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That should work

Hey Jean!

That should work. The unsafe argument to mxRun just omits the stop command when an error is encountered. Instead, the error is treated like a warning. It's probably a good idea to keep some kind of track of the models that fail. This can be done by saving and/or storing the output status.


This keeps the status code(s) and error/warning message(s). It is a list so you could probably turn it into a data.frame and keep records for all 1000 model runs.


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Hey Mike, that's super

Hey Mike, that's super helpful! Thank you~