Error in summary()

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I created a model without any free parameters. I'd like to run the model to obtain the likelihood of some data under this model. The model runs fine but summary() returns the error that the comparison "matrix == nameA" is valid only for atomic and list. It seems that summary() is missing a check for empty lists of free parameters. This is the traceback():

8: eval(expr, envir, enclos)
7: eval(e, x, parent.frame())
6:, matrix == nameA, select = "row", drop = TRUE)
5: subset(ptable, matrix == nameA, select = "row", drop = TRUE)
4: parameterListHelper(model, FALSE, invSDs)
3: parameterList(model, useSubmodels)
2: summary(run)
1: summary(run)

I'll attach an example (simulated data and a LGCM with a single free parameter that is fixed with omxSetParameters() later) that produces the error.


pathologicalOpenMx.R1.9 KB