Genetic correlation equals to 1 or -1 in Bivariate ACE model

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Hello All,

I had just done bivariate ACE model for two continuous variables (bivariate correlated factors model). The results turned out to be a little weird as follows:

A1 = 0.25, A2 = 0.09
C1 = 0.12, C2 = 0.08
E1 = 0.62, E2 = 0.82
Rph = -0.24
Ra = -1
Rc = 1
Re = -0.26

We observe Ra is -1, but we personally think it is not reasonable that the two variables are perfectly correlated. Is it possible that there are some problems with the program?

I have tested other variables, sometimes their genetic correlation is 1 or -1, especially when A1 or A2 is very small. How can I avoid 1( or -1) genetic correlation in the program?

I attached the data I was using. Could anybody help me to check whether the above results are correct?

Thanks very much in advance.
Yue Cui
Brainnetome Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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