Obtain number of Objective function evaluations

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I am interested in obtaining both the number of major iterations and the overall number of objective function evaluations (how many times is the log likelihood and its gradient computed).
I found model@output$iterations and model@output$evaluations. model@output$iterations is the number of major iterations. model@output$evaluations contains a vector with two integer entries. Does somebody know what the entries are?

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iterations and evaluations

"model@output$evaluations contains a vector with two integer entries" -- This is the same number repeated twice, the number of evaluations. In OpenMx 2.0, we will only return the number once instead of twice.

In OpenMx 1.x, I am skeptical about the accuracy of these numbers. I rewrote the counting in OpenMx 2.0 beta. CSOLNP does not distinguish between major and minor iterations yet. For NPSOL, I believe the counts are accurate.