expected [covariance|means] matrix does not contain dimnames.

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These errors occur when the mxFIMLObjective has no dimnames for the covariance or means, and cannot find them elsewhere (i.e., in the target algebra). For example:

    model <- mxModel("univSat4", 
        mxMatrix(type="Symm", nrow=1, ncol=1, free=T, values=1, name="expCov"),
        mxMatrix(type="Full", nrow=1, ncol=1, free=T, values=0, name="expMean"),
        mxData(observed=testData, type="raw"),
        mxFIMLObjective(covariance="expCov", means="expMean"))
    fit <- mxRun(model)

Suggested solutions:

  • Add dimnames to the covariance and means matrices.

      mxMatrix("Symm", 1, 1, T, 1, name="expCov", dimnames=list(selVars, selVars),
      mxMatrix("Full", 1,1, T, 0, name="expMean", dimnames=list(selVars, selVars)),

  • Add dimnames to the objective function. Keep in mind that the objective function does not actually have row and columns names. The 'dimnames' argument to the objective function is a convenient shortcut for adding dimnames to the covariance and means matrices.
      mxFIMLObjective(covariance="expCov", means="expMean", dimnames=selVars)