Error: The dataset associated with the RAM objective in model 'lebo1' does not contain identical row and column non-NULL dimname

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Hello ~
I am getting an error that others have posted when using mxMatrix specification. Since a mxObjective statement is not required with mxPath specification (type="RAM"), I am unsure how to solve the problem. I have attached the script and data that are associated with the error. When I check rownames(), colnames(), and manifestVars names in R, I get the same list for each case.

Any thoughts?

~ Angela

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Very interesting bug. At

Very interesting bug. At some point when processing a MxModel, we added a step that converts all the columns of a data.frame into numeric columns. At is happens, that step drops the rownames of a data.frame. Usually, that isn't a problem. But if your covariance matrix is a data.frame object, then it is problem. I'm going to check in a patch that preserves the rownames of a data.frame. In the meantime, use the following to read your data:
lebo1Data <- as.matrix(read.csv("lebo1Datacov.csv"))