gxe in the presence of rge unrestricted baseline model

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Hello -
I'm using a gxe in the presence of rge model and was wondering if I need to first run an unretricted baseline model to determine the minimized value of -2lnL of the data. If so, does anyone have a script for this?

I do not think I can use a bivariate unrestricted baseline model for this as I am using the gxe in the presence of rge in an atypical way. I am including two traits (continuous variables) and one moderator (categorical variable) so that I can examine the influence of the moderator on the covariance between the two traits. Given the altered use of the model, I wasn't sure if I need to (or can) run an unrestricted baseline model first.

Thank you!

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Sorry no one got to this

Sorry no one got to this sooner; I'd hoped someone more familiar with the RGE model would speak up. Can you provide any more information about your model? I've never seen an RGE model, and google's top result for the model is this post.

If you're interested in chi-square tests of perfect fit or other comparisons to a baseline model, you'll have to run them if you're either using raw data or want to impose any genetically informative structure on your baseline model.