contingency tables

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am embarrassed to ask this, but a prior post ( talks of fitting threshold models to contingency tables, but i have been unsuccessful in finding either instructions or an example of how to do this without writing my own functions. any help?

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I am also interested in

I am also interested in fitting models to contingency tables with OpenMx. So I am very curious, did you manage to find any examples?

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Contingency Tables

I would be interested also ...

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Not straightforward

There is no built-in "analyze this" function for contingency tables, but we hear you loud & clear and will look to add one.

In the meantime, it is possible to use a weighted ordinal FIML approach. The data might look like this:
V1 V2 Freq
1 1 22
1 2 15
2 1 13
2 2 37

You could assign Freq as a definition variable and use it to weight the likelihoods. This is akin to the approach taken with a latent class model, except here the frequencies are used to weight the -2ln likelihoods rather than the likelihoods prior to taking the logs and multiplying by -2. The file LCAlazarsfeld-rewrite.R in the repository does LCA; it is not too bad to change it for the frequency part. An advantage is that one could specify multi-dimensional (m x n x p x ...) contingency tables using this approach, rather than just m x n tables. This may be why we elected not to prioritize a contingency table function.