Impish Sprites

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I am curious to learn more about the "bonuds" --- are they the impish sprites that keep preventing my model from running? They seem to be a secretive bunch, but I caught mention of them in the following OpenMx warning:

Running ModelA
Warning message:
In model 'ModelA' NPSOL returned a non-zero status code 3. The nonlinear constraints and bonuds could not be satisfied. The problem may have no feasible solution.

I would very much like for the bonuds to be satisfied. Perhaps they are hungry? Do you think giving them a byte would help?

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I would have thought them

I would have thought them more like ogres, guarding bridges in the likelihood space and keeping our noble objective from reaching safer ground. It's a shame Tim had to fix this easter egg.

I think this is the first status 3 I've seen. Congrats!

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Naughty bonuds!

They have been found and bound* :-)

* MxRunHelperFunctions.R updated