Error in substituteOperators(as.list(retval)) : internal error -3 in R_decompress1

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Hello all,

I've been running models successfully, but today I started getting the above error message. My code didn't change, but I may have accidentally installed a new version of OpenMx before running my model. Could someone tell me what this error message is about? If there isn't an easy fix, is there a way I can go back to an older version?

Thank you!

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Another user had the same

Another user had the same error, which he traced to a corrupted R session. See his previous thread on his error message and reboot R.

More generally, you can always reinstall previous versions of OpenMx if you build from source. See the 'building from source' section on the wiki. Just add "r-1448" to the end of the svn checkout statement to get back to source revision 1448, which was the 1.0 release.